Apostle Dr. Sharon Esteen

Apostle Dr. Sharon Esteen

Apostle Dr. Sharon Esteen


Her Excellency Apostle Dr. Sharon A. Esteen B.S.A., M. Div., Ph.D., CDKA.
Sharon A. Esteen is a native-born of the beautiful island of Jamaica. She is the youngest of three girls and the third child of four children. She is married to Bishop O’Neil Esteen, a mother to many, but a proud mother to (4) children. In February 1999 Sharon accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her master and Lord, and thus she began the journey to fulfill the calling of the Lord upon her life.
One cannot truly understand the arduousness of poverty unless one has lived through it. Sharon, during her childhood, encountered many challenges of hardship and abuse, physically, emotionally, and sexually, due to poverty. Nevertheless, the crushing burden of poverty and unfortunate reality as a child inspired her boundless pursuit to uncover the ideal truth, beauty, and goodness amidst a gruesome and dark world.  
In 2008, the Lord instructed Sharon to move to Florida.  This appeared to be an untimely command, as by then, she had become a successful businesswoman in Jamaica, but like Abraham, she obeyed and took the journey into a strange land, where she would encounter many challenges, and yet still be a blessing to many people and nations. 
During one of the most difficult times in her life, Sharon asked the Lord why she endured such great emotional and physical abuse as a child.  The Lord answered and said, “Your scars are a witness of my glory.”  It was at that moment, she truly understood that her brokenness was intended to be a blessing to others, inspired by Galatians 6:17, From henceforth let no man trouble me; for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.” 
Sharon A. Esteen was ordained in 2006 as an Evangelist, in 2014 as a Pastor, and in 2021 as an Apostle to the Nations. She presently serves with her husband as the Founder and Senior Pastors of Overcomers Life Community Center, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 2013, founder of Broken to be Blessed International Ministries 2014, Broken but Still a Man 2021, and Disciple’s Feet Ministry 2019.
Sharon has trod the nations of East and West Africa, islands of the Caribbean, countries of Northern America, and European Nations preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sharon is not just a carrier of the word of God; but a humanitarian who provides back-to-school supplies to children and caters to the less fortunate families in the surrounding areas of Fort Lauderdale, Belize, Bahamas, Jamaica, Nigeria, and Ghana, West Africa, by providing food supplies, a hot meal, essential sanitary supplies, and clothing to over 300 individuals at a given time.
Sharon A. Esteen Education & Credentials
Ph.D. in Theology at the Macedonia International University (MIU).
Master of Divinity – University of Fort Lauderdale.
Bachelor of Science in Accounting (summa cum laude) – Strayer University.
Double Associate Degree in Theology and Business Administration Technology.
Diploma for studies in Chaplaincy, Leadership, and Ministry.
Licensed and ordained International Chaplain, and an honorary Doctor of Divinity.
The President’s Volunteer Service Gold Award.
Certificate of Training in Protocol and Diplomacy,
Certified Global Peace Ambassador, appointed with all rights and privileges as an Ambassador to the United Nations – thereby earning her the title, Her Excellency Rev. Dr. Sharon A. Esteen, CDKA.
As an Apostle of Jesus Christ, Sharon embodies the five-fold ministry and portrays the characteristics of a disciple of Christ, not only in words but in deeds.  She operates under the authority and grace given by the Holy Spirit to boldly fulfill her God-given mandate, wreak havoc in the Kingdom of darkness, fulfill her calling, and make disciples of men.

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